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When Amanda Gorman took the stage at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, we were hooked! When former First Lady, Michelle Obama, interviewed Amanda Gorman for Time in a piece titled Unity With Purpose, we had to pull out one of our favorite quotes. To all the young ones, people of color, those looking to find their confidence, let Amanda Gorman's words inspire you to step into your power and be who you want to be.


An excerpt from Time's "Unity With Purpose" Amanda Gorman and Michelle Obama Discuss Art, Identity, and Optimism (2.4.2021):

Michelle Obama asked, "Do you have any advice for your girls, and Black girls in particular, who earn their way into the spotlight?" Gorman replied: "My question is do they have any advice for me. I'm new to this, so I'm still learning. I would say anyone who finds themselves suddenly visible and suddenly famous, think about the big picture. Especially for girls of color, we're treated as lightning or gold in the pan - we're not treated as things that are going to last. You really have to crown yourself with the belief that what I'm about and what I'm here for is way beyond this moment. I'm learning that I am not lightning that strikes once. I am the hurricane that comes every single year, and you can expect to see me again soon."

i'm a hurricane (toddler)

    2T 30-33 lbs 32"-35"
    3T 33-36 lbs 35"-38"
    4T 36-40 lbs 38"-40"
    5T 40-45 lbs 40"-43"



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